Our services are designed to first, meet the needs of our clients, second, meet the needs of the
                     client's families, and third, meet the needs of the community.


Our Services include, but not limited to:
*Anger Management  *Self Esteem building  *Depression Management  *Conflict Resolution *Problem Solving *Cognitive Behavior Skills 
 *Assertive Communication *Family Counseling  *Grief Counseling   *Couples Counseling  *Parenting Classes *Substance Abuse Counseling


Admission Criteria

Youths and families are eligible to participate in our program by meeting the following criteria:

Consumers have a diagnosis and duration of symptoms which classify the illness as a Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) and/or substance Related Disorder and one or more of the following:

  • Consumer has received services from other sources that have not resolved the identified problem(s) or
  • Consumer/family has insufficient or severely limited resources or skills or
  • Consumer/family behavioral health issues are unmanageable in traditional outpatient settings, or
  • because of the behavioral health issues, the consumer is at immediate risk of placement outside the home, 0r
  • Because of the behavioral health issues, the youth is at-risk of involvement with the legal system and incarceration.



No problems are too big or too small for us to help you handle, we do it together, One Step at a time.


Our Program
Our programs listed below are designed with youths and their familes as our main focus.        By establishing a reasonable serviceing period that is comprehensive and all inclusive.  Our clients and their familes will be exposed to theraputic counseling and training, including skill building, and interactive exercises rhat focus on their specific issues and challenges.

Sisters at home w/Christmas presents

IFI - (Intensive Family Intervention) and CORE -
 Our IFI track provided Individual, family, and skill building therapy and counseling for qualifying families up to 3 times per week;  Our CORE track provides Individual, family, and skill building therapy and counseling 1 -2 times per week for qualifying families.  These services provide comprehensive mental health and substance abuse therapy focused on child, Adolescents, and Teens ages 4 through 17.  Each targeted client is assigned a treatment team that consists of four professionals who are dedicated to providing direct in-home services that targets the family as a whole, not in part. 



This is a program designed to assist children struggling with academic and self-esteem challenges that are affecting their mental health and impeding the therapeutic progress.  Assistance is available two times per week on an as needed basis.


Summer Camp:
OSCC provides a summer indoor/outdoor experience from June till August that enables youth to learn and grow interactively. Our focus is to provide this experience for children participating in our program and the general public


Behavioral Health Counseling:
Counseling is offered to meet the needs of clients in the form of Individual, Group, family, and Couple counseling.

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